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Reliable Patching Solutions

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Reliable Patching Solutions

Patching endpoints consistently is imperative at a time when the majority of attacks come from known vulnerabilities. Ransomware, like last year’s WannaCry and Petya, exploited known vulnerabilities, and recently discovered flaws in Intel hardware and the Mac OS X password verification process have exposed the need for virtually every device built in the last 20 year to update their security patches. While individual users are able to install updates on personal devices, relying on them to do so in a timely manner across your entire organization is uswise. And as Meltdown and Spectre demonstrated, it’s not just workstations that need consistent reliable patching solutions. Your server infrastructure is just as vulnerable.

SysAdmins and IT Managers need a reliable patching solution to better handle multiple operating systems, hybrid server environments, and remote employees who do not regularly connect to the network. Manually patching doesn’t work. This is why 75% of companies aren’t keeping up with patching. And of those that have a patching solution, 48% are unhappy with the results they’re getting.

Whether you’re patching manually on an adhoc basis, utilizing a vendor-provided solution like WSUS for a single OS, or using an on-premise solution that is limited in its ability to manage your entire infrastructure; your patch confidence is low. You want a reliable patching solution that allows you to:

  • Patch all of your operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux quickly and easily
  • Deploy, patch, and blacklist 3rd party software and related shadow IT installations
  • Manage and patch remote/cloud hosted endpoints in real time

Reliable Patch Automation

Now imagine doing all of this from a single dashboard, your single source of truth for patch status. Say hello to cloud based automated patch management solutions which provide features and benefits that manual patching, vendor based solutions, and on-premise solutions can’t match. Solutions like Automox deploy a lightweight agent to provide you with full visibility into your server infrastructure and client network.

Patching should be a routine activity that you can rely on without a lot of oversight. Endpoint security is increasing in importance with almost two-thirds of companies are looking to include automation. To improve reliability and reduce your attack surface, look for a cloud based solution that can:

  1. Automate the patching process so critical patches can be identified and installed within minutes across all affected endpoints
  2. Manage patching across operating systems and 3rd party software applications from a single easy to use dashboard
  3. Provide full infrastructure visibility including configuration settings management and real time reporting

Solutions that don’t provide these three features, leave you to patch areas of your infrastructure separately, reducing your patch reliability and confidence. As the potential for costly attacks to your business grows, you need a reliable patch management solution that will automatically patch all endpoints based on your policies and keep you current with potential vulnerabilities.

Are you ready to make Automox your patching system of record. Finally patch Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, as well as 3rd party software, all from a single dashboard. And if you’re a hands-on type, check out our solution free for 15 days with no endpoint limit, full platform access, and no credit card required.

Holly Hamann, CMO

Author Holly Hamann, CMO

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