More Confidence, Less Fear in Managing Patch Updates

Our own Jay Prassl, Automox founder and CEO, sat down with Enterprise Security Weekly to discuss what IT and security teams are struggling with most in terms of patch management. Jay speaks about some of the key issues facing these teams and identifies solutions that can help improve their confidence in patch management and reduce the fear that systems may break.

The Pain of Patch Management

When it comes to patch management, Jay summarizes what he considers to be the top issues affecting IT and security managers today.

  • They are feeling overwhelmed and have a low level of confidence that their systems are up to date.

More and more, IT teams struggle to know whether or not all corporate devices - operating systems and third party software - are appropriately patched and configured correctly over time. And, according to Jay, “our research shows that putting more people on the process doesn’t seem to help. There is a level of automation these companies need to solve these problems holistically.”

  • They are managing infrastructures that they can’t always see. Or, if they can see what they need than they don’t have the right tools to act on these devices or they are managing too many tools.

Globally dispersed offices, combined on-premise and cloud-based support infrastructures, or inheriting new infrastructures through company buys can challenge an IT team’s ability to see and manage all corporate devices. And, even if they have the tools to detect issues on devices, these tools don’t help them fix the problems they see.

Jay mentions, “[At Automox] we think of the world in terms of detection and protection. Our tool lets you think and act from one platform - it tells you what’s patched and what isn’t.”

  • When it comes to patching, they don’t want to move too fast in fear of something breaking.

It’s a fear all IT professionals face in their career - if you apply patches too rapidly something may break. And, because of this fear IT professionals are resistant to running patch updates - or, at least, at the rate that they may receive them.

Improving Security Confidence

According to Jay, at the heart of all these struggles is the lack of confidence in the patching process - whether that’s because of the inability to keep up with the volume of required updates or the fear of systems breaking if patches are applied too rapidly. He theorizes that data is key to improving that confidence that IT managers can have with their patch management process.

Jay believes if the Automox tool can provide insight on whether or not a patch will fix an issue without breaking the system and then apply that patch automatically, we can help increase the confidence that IT managers have in the security of their corporate systems.

Automation and cloud-based infrastructures are the future of improving how well companies can access that data and stay secure. Jay states it simply: If you patch your systems, then you're protected. And, if you don’t then you risk exposing your company to a security breach.

“We argue that patching a system is better than not patching a system. If a patch update breaks something, you can typically fix it. But, if you don’t patch and a system gets breached then you may not be able to fix it inexpensively and without a serious [loss of corporate or personal data].”

Listen to the full podcast between Automox and Enterprise Security Weekly.

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