What to Consider in Moving Your Business Operations to the Cloud

Adoption of cloud-based or cloud-native solutions saw some considerable increase in 2020 compared to previous years. The sudden, massive shift to remote work in the early part of the year had organizations scrambling to accommodate this major shift to business operations as usual. As their corporate resources fanned out from within the traditional corporate perimeter, many businesses realized it’s no longer sufficient to simply maintain their legacy on-premises solutions. Now more than ever, businesses realized the need for greater flexibility and resiliency of their corporate systems -- which a move to cloud-native services can deliver.

Is your organization considering a shift of your business operations to the cloud this year? Following are some key items to consider.  

Recognize why you want to make a cloud transformation

Organizations defining a successful cloud strategy have a solid understanding of “why” before they even begin to make the change. This means identifying a problem (scalability, for example), understanding the benefit of solving that problem (reduction of redundant tools and duplicative tools), and preparing a sound business case for the move.

Cloud solutions often carry a sticker shock to the ill-informed and unprepared. A properly crafted business case for your organization’s cloud transformation turns a question of cost into a quick confirmation of the overall gains to the business’ bottom line.

Identify what moves and when

The first step to identifying what moves is ensuring you have a complete and comprehensive understanding of your organization and the infrastructure in place. This means not only the hardware and devices, but the software and services used on those devices. The more complete the model, the easier it will be to identify dependencies and reliances between tools or teams and begin the transition. Ensure each team is part of the process and identifies what is important to them in the transition.

Data, data, data

Moving elements of your organization’s IT infrastructure to the cloud will change the way your data is managed, transported, and transformed. This is a great opportunity to brush up on any data compliance and governance deficiencies and bring your organization into full compliance. Ensure that security operations and IT operations are involved in properly evaluating where and how your data will be stored, accessed, and secured.

Change is a part of life

Shifting to the cloud will impact how your IT department operates, how your users interact with tools and services, and how your organization manages their assets and workflows. Make sure your transition includes planning for any training or adjustment needed internally to ensure you are able to realize all of the business benefits identified in the cloud transformation business planning stage.

Verify and discover the next steps

After a successful transition of a process from a traditional on-premise reliant tool to a streamlined cloud-native solution, use the opportunity to verify and document the process including any successes, failures, or oddities along the way. Use these new insights to accelerate the discovery and cloud adoption process for the next phase of your cloud transformation.

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