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Volunteering Counts: May 2022 Giving Day Recap

Volunteering may do as much good for the volunteer as it does for the community they're serving. For instance, giving (either through donations of time or money) can help you meet new people, raise your awareness of social or charitable causes, and even provide a way for you to pick up new skills that might help advance your career. Whatever it is that gets you out and giving, doing so can lift your spirits and make a true difference in your community or the world at large.

Think about it – when you volunteer, you might pick up a new skill set, like sustainable farming or eco-friendly crafting. Perhaps you'll learn to speak well in public or enhance your organizational or marketing skills.

Through volunteering, you might even grow to overcome certain personal challenges like stepping out of your comfort zone to work with people who you might otherwise never meet.

I'm Erin Conolly, an Enterprise Account Executive here at Automox. If you haven't already guessed, volunteering is a huge passion of mine. And one of my favorite days of each quarter is Automox’s Giving Day where our teams are encouraged company-wide to volunteer for the day in their respective communities and show support for various causes.

I love to share my fellow colleagues' volunteer work and activism that go above and beyond:

  • Robert Eickleberry showed a small act of kindness by saving a little green guy from crossing the road.

  • Ashlyn McKesson, SHRM-CP baked cookies for the troops and wrote letters to accompany them to give someone far from home a smile (hopefully!)

  • Teri Keller, Sarah Rosen & their Boulder, CO team made delivery bags for groceries to bring joy to the families in the There With Care program.

And I made it to the Salvation Army Center of Hope Kitchen to serve lunch in Charlotte, NC with some lovely smiles and company to help!

Those are just a few of the highlights that I found to be extra special as folks across Automox volunteered for the day.

Looking to Volunteer?

If you would like to check out some great resources to help you find volunteer work in your local communities, I suggest visiting the following sites:

  • Volunteer Match - VolunteerMatch is one of the most effective ways to find nonprofit organizations looking for volunteers. The org matches people who are passionate about a cause to the charities doing the best work in the field.

  • The Salvation Army - Sharing your donation or volunteering helps The Salvation Army care for homeless and needy families and helps serve 30 million people through a myriad of services all year long.

  • 5 Tips for Getting the Most out of your Volunteer Experience - Volunteering Solutions was established in 2006 with the aim of changing the face of volunteer travel. In the last 12 years, they've supported more than 14,000 volunteers from different parts of the world and ensured that each gets the maximum out of the giving program they choose.

Volunteering can be a great way to change your community in a positive way as well as learn more about yourself and your capabilities.

I encourage any and all-size volunteer opportunities, regardless of how big or small they are, as they each make an impact in your community and on those around you.

Volunteering allows you to learn more about yourself, your goals, and most importantly in my opinion, about different walks of life that others experience different from your own. It allows you out of your comfort zone and day-to-day life and to help those around you.

So why wait? Join us and seek out a new giving opportunity today!

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