Patch Now: Firefox Zero-Day Vulnerability

After a string of Chrome-only vulnerabilities, Firefox is having its day.

A new exploit for Firefox has been discovered, and patches are available now to address the critical security flaw. This flaw is already being exploited in the wild, making it essential to patch now.

Tracked under CVE-2019-11707, the latest exploit is truly nasty. Due to an error in how Firefox handles Javascript code, a malicious hacker could run arbitrary (read: dangerous) code in the browser if you simply visit an impacted site. Your users can unknowingly visit a dangerous site and become a victim unless the exploit is patched.

The consequences are potentially costly. Exploits of this type allow hackers to steal your personal data and the data stored on your machines or, more worryingly, lock down the machine unless a ransom is paid. While this level of attack requires much more sophistication than is likely, users with operating systems that are also out-of-date - or subject to the recent BlueKeep vulnerability - could face additional risks.

The vulnerability impacts Firefox versions older than 67.0.3 and Firefox ESR versions older than 67.0.1. Mozilla has already issued a fix for both browsers, which can be applied by downloading the latest Firefox build.

Unfortunately, you cannot guarantee that all of your users update their systems today without a plan.

Your Plan of Attack? Patch Now!

The most effective way to keep Firefox fully secure and up-to-date is to patch now and patch automatically. Applying patches for your operating systems and third party apps as soon as they become available is the best way to prevent an exploit.

If you’ve already updated and have Automox policies in place, you should be secure. If not, we can help.

Automox recommends that you set up a single Patch All or Patch Critical policy to address Firefox and other apps. This will automatically apply any outstanding patches to your system on a regular schedule. You can also see which specific systems are impacted from the Software page (if enabled).

Log in to the console and click on the Software icon found in the left navigation pane. In the search box on the Software page, type the number of any Knowledge Base article or software title and hit enter. You can also sort the list by severity level. If devices are impacted, you will see a list of all impacted devices and versions, as well as information on severity and the associated CVE.

Firefox Vulnerability

Automox can help ensure your systems are adequately patched in a timely manner in order to protect your organization against any vulnerability. As a best practice, you should always ensure that you have at least one patch policy assigned to all of your devices for Critical, Medium, and Low severity patches. These updates are generally Security and Cumulative software updates. Automox is designed to automate your response to zero-day vulnerabilities like this and others across the Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems.

Current Automox customers can create policies that automatically handle the patching and execution of important updates for you every single month. Alternatively, you may contact our support team for technical assistance at

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