Enterprise Security Weekly Podcast - Episode #98 with Joe McManus, CISO

Joe McManus serves as CISO at Automox and is an expert and industry advisor in the field of information security. He is also a senior researcher at CERT, part of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, where he specializes in large scale network monitoring, network forensics and incident response. He was part of the team that helped the FBI investigate the NASDAQ hack in 2012 and he is an adjunct professor teaching graduate courses in information security. Joe speaks at security events is a regular advisor to press outlets covering data security news. One of those outlets is Security Weekly, who did a recent podcast interview with Joe about enterprise security.

In this podcast with Security Weekly host Paul Asadoorian, Joe shares his insights on the fundamental practices that every enterprise needs to be aware of to avoid exploits. He and Paul discuss the challenge of OS and 3rd party software patching, why teams are shifting to cloud-based infrastructures, and the evolving skill sets required to adequately protect networks in this modern age.

About Automox

Automox is a cloud-based patch management and endpoint protection platform that provides the foundation for a strong security framework by automating the fundamentals of security hygiene to reduce a company’s attack surface by over 80 percent. A powerful set of user-defined controls enables IT managers to filter and report on the vulnerability status of their infrastructure and intuitively manage cross-platform OS patching, third party patching, software deployment, and configuration management. To sign up for a free, 15-day trial of Automox’s cloud-based, automated patch management solution, visit www.automox.com/signup.

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