Automox Named a CB Insights' Top 2020 Cyber Defender | Joins the Ranks of Other Game-Changing Technology Firms

We are excited to be named a top 2020 Cyber Defender by the research firm, CB Insights, in their annual cybersecurity report that identifies “the emerging cybersecurity trends and high-momentum startups with the potential to shape the future of the space.” Our company joins the ranks of 28 other game-changing technology firms like Awake and Capsule8 for 2020 and past firms such as Dragos, DarkTrace, Exabeam, Auth0, Trillium, and KnowBe. The top 2020 Cyber Defenders are helping to innovate and shape the future of cybersecurity by addressing the growing need for enterprises to join with technology partners to tackle the rising number of cyberattacks.

In its 2020 Cyber Defenders report, CB Insights highlights the patching problem as critical in meeting the threats and challenges of today’s cybersecurity landscape, and singles out the Automox cloud-native endpoint management platform as the solution. In the report, CB Insights underscores just why so many vulnerabilities slip through the cracks -  citing the administrative burden associated with patch management. What’s the solution? According to CB Insights, it is deploying autonomous patching through the Automox Platform.

Automated patch management is vital to hardening corporate endpoints faster and helping fend off the growing number of cyber threats. Last year saw some of the biggest attacks to date as billions of records were exposed. And today companies must contend with having their data centers rapidly decentralized due to the massive shift to remote work. In fact, some security firms are citing 800% increases in calls regarding cyber-attacks.1 Compounding this problem is that organizations have more vulnerabilities to patch now than ever before. Microsoft’s August Patch Tuesday was the 3rd largest ever – in the last 3 months alone, patches for 372 vulnerabilities have been issued, including critical vulns like SigRed.

Recent cyber hygiene research conducted by AimPoint Group shows that organizations with fully automated endpoint patching and hardening are outperforming others in speed and frequency of hardening. With Automox’s cloud-native approach to endpoint management, organizations have full visibility and access to all corporate endpoints – no matter their location or domain. Automox ensures a quick, efficient response to identified cyber threats that is essential to reducing the risk across the corporate enterprise. Automox minimizes the complexity of managing an expanding corporate perimeter, and provides organizations with the speed and agility they require to reduce their corporate attack surface and stay protected.

We’re honored and excited about the recognition from CB Insights. Our mission at Automox continues to be about delivering a better way for organizations to manage the cumbersome process of keeping their systems configured and updated so they can proactively eliminate their exposure to cyber threats. The CB Insights report highlights why this is critical for organizations to be secure, and why Automox is the company to shape the future of endpoint and workload management.

If you’re interested in experiencing how the Automox platform dramatically reduces corporate risk while raising your operational efficiency, request a product demo or start a 15-day free trial.