Business Security Weekly Podcast - Episode #109 with Jay Prassl, CEO

Jay Prassl serves as CEO at Automox and is an 18-year startup veteran specializing in pre-IPO, hyper-competitive environments with a focus on new technology introductions. Prior to founding Automox, Jay was the VP of Sales and Marketing at SolidFire (acquired by NetApp) and LeftHand Networks (acquired by Hewlett Packard).

In this podcast with Security Weekly host and CEO Matt Alderman, Jay shares his insights on the fundamental security hygiene practices that every business needs to be aware of and practicing to avoid exploits. He and Matt discuss what Automox does, how we bridge the gap between ITOps and SecOps, and how we’re defining the way to patch systems.

“The basics and the fundamentals of what it takes to keep a company secure have been largely ignored” Prassl states. At Automox, we believe that there are four fundamentals for security hygiene:

  1. Operating system patching
  2. Third party software patching
  3. Managing the deployment of third party software
  4. Managing endpoint configurations

Watch the full episode to learn more about Jay, Automox, and the fundamentals of security hygiene!

About Automox

Automox is a cloud-based patch management and endpoint protection platform that provides the foundation for a strong security framework by automating the fundamentals of security hygiene to reduce a company’s attack surface by over 80 percent. A powerful set of user-defined controls enables IT managers to filter and report on the vulnerability status of their infrastructure and intuitively manage cross-platform OS patching, third party patching, software deployment, and configuration management. To sign up for a free, 15-day trial of Automox’s cloud-based, automated patch management solution, visit

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