Announcing General Availability of Automox “Hendrix” Release

Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of Automox’s first major release, code named “Hendrix”. This release completes the rebranding of our product from PatchSimple to Automox. We’ve improved our native cloud based endpoint management platform with a broader set of features enabling IT managers to effortlessly manage their endpoints with a “click, set, and forget” approach. A big thank you to our customers who participated in our beta program and provided us with insightful feedback over the past month.

Dynamic Policy Engine

At the core of the Hendrix release is a policy-based architecture built on our new Dynamic Policy Engine. It allows customers to fully customize and define a set of policies per business specific requirements, and can collectively form a compliance “baseline” which can be applied to a group of endpoints, regardless of their location, operating system, or type.

The Hendrix release features three distinct policy types that give users complete control over the three layers of an endpoint - OS patches, software deployments, and custom configurations and settings. This gives IT administrators a solution that is not only effective in getting the job done but also provides a holistic approach to managing their endpoint inventory.

  • Patch policy allows easy management of OS patches across Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Required software policy allows software deployment and updates for consistency across endpoints over time
  • Custom policy allows great flexibility and control over the endpoint to ensure compliance with business specific requirements. Whether it be installing a printer driver or setting password length, from simple to complex tasks, if there is a way to automate it, it can be executed via the custom policy.

Brand New User Interface

With the Hendrix release, we have completely redesigned the user interface from ground up with the user in mind. All the required information such as endpoint inventory, compliance status, and past & future activity are in a single view and easy to understand.


Want to verify the status of actions requested through Automox on managed endpoints? The reports page in the new UI shows a list of automated actions taken over a user-defined period of time on any of the endpoints managed by Automox. These reports indicate success or failure of a given action along with details of any changes made to the endpoint. These reports can be used to prove endpoint compliance with organizational policies and identify any problems before they become an issue.

Modern Endpoint Management for All

The Automox Hendrix release brings endpoint management into the 21st Century. It is the only cloud-native endpoint management platform that is designed for the modern IT organization. Today’s reality is managing multiple operating systems, globally distributed workforces, and many different devices on top of other responsibilities. We’re excited about the advances we’ve made with the Automox Hendrix release and the plans we have in store to develop additional capabilities that solve real-world endpoint management.

About Automox

Facing growing threats and a rapidly expanding attack surface, understaffed and alert-fatigued organizations need more efficient ways to eliminate their exposure to vulnerabilities. Automox is a modern cyber hygiene platform that closes the aperture of attack by more than 80% with just half the effort of traditional solutions.

Cloud-native and globally available, Automox enforces OS & third-party patch management, security configurations, and custom scripting across Windows, Mac, and Linux from a single intuitive console. IT and SecOps can quickly gain control and share visibility of on-prem, remote and virtual endpoints without the need to deploy costly infrastructure.

Experience modern, cloud-native patch management today with a 15-day free trial of Automox and start recapturing more than half the time you're currently spending on managing your attack surface. Automox dramatically reduces corporate risk while raising operational efficiency to deliver best-in-class security outcomes, faster and with fewer resources.