Automate Your Patch Management Workflow

Match your current patch management process and gain access to patch automation tools that increase accuracy, saving you time and money.

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Cross Platform OS and 3rd Party Software Patching

Automox works across Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems providing you full patching and configuration control for clients, servers, virtual machines, containers, and cloud instances.

Automox also natively supports patching of a growing list of 3rd party applications. See the full list here.

Prevent user disruption with notifications and end user control which allows users to defer patching windows to meet their schedule and minimize interruptions.

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Identify Vunerabilities Fast

Automox will automatically inform you which systems and software are unpatched, notify you of exceptions that need attention, and instruct you on where you need to take action.

Match The Security Demands Of Your Business

Establish policies for patching, required software, and critical configuration that meet the unique demands of your business.

Maintain full control by establishing either a manual or fully automated patching and configuration process.

Establish A Patch Test Group

It is easy within the Automox platform to designate a set of systems that form your test group.

Patches can run against this group for a specified period of time after which those same patches can be rolled to another group or into production automatically.

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Automated Remediation

At the heart of the Automox platform is our robust automation engine. You can set software, patching, and custom configuration policies that are automatically enforced regardless of geographic location.

Automating patching and configuration management can reduce your attack surface by up to 90%

Approve Your Pending Patches

You can easily see all of your pending patches across each OS and Software right in your dashboard.

Approve, reject, or dive deeper on the details of each pending patch.

Filter policies by severity classifications or by name to customize the scope of patches.

Blacklist software from getting patched.

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Instant visibility of system inventory, vulnerability status, and policy compliance.

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Complete control and active enforcement of system and software configurations.

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