Automate Your Patch Management

Patching Automation For Windows, Mac, Linux, and 3rd Party Software

Automox has redefined patching for today’s modern IT teams. Our cloud based platform enables you to see the current status of your entire infrastructure, regardless of geographic location – and allows you to decide if you want to patch instantly, or incorporate Automox as part of your existing workflow.

And you can patch every OS and 3rd party software – including Java, Flash, Firefox, Chrome, and more – all from a single dashboard. Improve your cyber hygiene and reduce your attack surface quickly and easily.

  • Start applying patches in minutes
    Start applying patches in minutes
  • Remain current with new vulnerabilities
    Remain current with new vulnerabilities
  • Control configuration settings for workstations
    Control configuration settings for workstations
  • Deploy 3rd party software
    Deploy 3rd party software

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We were looking for a single patching solution we could use across Windows, Mac and Linux that was easy to deploy and manage. Automox's cloud approach has automated our patch management and vulnerability remediation and made our process quick and simple. Automox was a perfect fit.
Chris Borte
DevOps Engineer, InsideTrack

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