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A Single Source of Truth for Modern IT Operations

Organizations are adding more and more tools to support distributed infrastructures. The result? The data they generate is often not centralized, making it easy to leave crucial information out of reports. Without the full picture, planning, development, and IT workflows suffer.

Break free from the grind of manually sorting and correlating your data. Automox and ServiceNow have partnered to enable greater data and endpoint visibility - so that instead of drowning in data sprawl, you can be more strategic and drive your IT operations forward.

How it Works

Through the ServiceNow Service Graph Connector Program, Automox asset data can be automatically synchronized within ServiceNow to immediately expand intelligence and strengthen your data-driven decisions within one reporting structure.

With the ability to also tie Automox data into ServiceNow ITSM and IT Asset Management (ITAM), you can leverage Automox insights across your IT, operations, asset lifecycle management, and other digital workflows.


Install the Service Graph Connector for Automox found within the ServiceNow store.

Note: Users require at least one ServiceNow license with entitlements to a Service Graph Connector.

ServiceNow Store


Configure the Service Graph Connector through guided steps. Create a connection, credentials, and set an import schedule (defaults to daily).


Automox data is automatically mapped and correlated through ServiceNow rules, associating over 50 critical device data points, such as model, pending patches, and device status within new and existing ServiceNow CMDB records.

Unleash the Power of your Data

Be more strategic

Improve your technology stack insights for faster, more accurate analysis and decision-making by tying Automox data to ServiceNow's data sources.

Power IT productivity

Simplify cross-team workflows and processes with a single authority of truth within your ServiceNow CMDB, ITSM, and ITAM sources.

Slash cost and complexity

Stop draining your budget from the purchase of unnecessary tools, agents, and the infrastructure by going cloud-native.

Make asset management easy

Find unreconciled assets, under-used or unmanaged devices, spec incongruencies, and inventory shrinkage through a consolidated lens of all of your devices.

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