Automox + Rapid7:

Maximize the impact and reach of your Rapid7 investment

Automox complements your investment in Rapid7 with the only full-cycle vulnerability remediation and collaboration solution.

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Speed is Key

From fixing vulnerabilities fast to quickly collaborating across teams, speed is critical. Unfortunately, legacy tools and fragmented workflows slow down remediation efforts, extending your exposure and opening you up to risk.

From vulnerability remediation to shared device data and context, Automox leverages your Rapid7 investment to fix vulnerabilities fast and improve cross-team collaboration - all so you can regain important hours in your day.

How it Works

The Automox Plugin for Rapid7 InsightConnect supercharges InsightVM with pre-built, but configurable workflows. Once installed, the InsightConnect workflows can automatically upload Rapid7 InsightVM vulnerability scan results to Automox where the vulnerability records will be prioritized into single-click remediation actions. You can also initiate device queries within Slack or Microsoft Teams.


Fix Vulnerabilities Fast

Close your window of exposure in minutes - not months - by automating the patch deployment and installation of vulnerabilities detected by InsightVM. Now you can take action with a single click and effortlessly remediate vulnerabilities in a fraction of the time.


Collaborate with Ease

Collaborate in real-time using Automox and Rapid7's interactive ChatOps workflows and instantly query device data, create customizable alerts, and sync with other data sources for deeper insights and trends.

Get the integration

Get the integration by simply installing the Automox Plugin for Rapid7 InsightConnect through the Rapid7 Extension Library.

Getting the most from Rapid7 starts now

Take your time back

by automating the tedious, manual steps that delay response times.

All your endpoints, always current

with automated vulnerability syncing and single-click remediation.

Meet SLAs in a snap

through rapid vulnerability identification and ChatOps-fueled workflows.

Automox ranks as the best cloud-native, cross-platform solution for patch management.

Leader Fall 2022

Automox is one of the industry's leading solutions according to real customer reviews.

Highest User Adoption
Highest User Adoption

Getting started with Automox is quick and painless – regardless of OS, location, or third-party applications.

Easiest to Setup
Easiest Setup

Winning hours back in your day is easier than ever with Automox.