G2 High PerformerG2 Fast ImplementationG2 easy To Do Business With

Automox is G2's best cloud-native, cross-platform solution for patch management. And then some.

The Fall 2019 G2 Patch Management Report has plenty of rewarding things to say about Automox vs. other leading solutions.

Know the best way to tell how good a patch management solution really is?

Hear from real customers who are actually using the solution. And according to the customer reviews of leading patch management solutions in the Fall 2019 G2 Patch Management Report, Automox is the highest rated cloud-native solution.

  • Most implementable

    When it comes to ease of setup, implementation time, user adoption, and more, no one outperforms Automox.

  • Easiest to do business with

    Customers rank Automox as the easiest patch management partner to work with in the G2 Patch Management Report.

What customers are saying

"One of the best patch management tools out on the market This thing does it all and also produces very handy reports that i can easily give to one of my customers. This thing is a lifesaver and also covers my rear by patching security loop holes that might not get patched."

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