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The Automox cyber hygiene platform reduces operational overhead by up to 80% vs. traditional, on-premises patch management.

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Automox Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator

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Reduce your operational overhead by 80% with the Automox cloud-native cyber hygiene platform

Determine the returns and cost savings of switching your current on-premises patch management solution to a modern cloud-native approach
Traditional On-Prem
Hardware Requirements
Multiple servers per operating platform, Content Delivery Network (CDN), DMZ Duplication
Costs to Install
Cost to Operate
~$23,300 / month for all locations, all endpoints
~$2,300 / month for all locations, all endpoints (provider service fee)
Technical Expertise Required
Compliance & Uptime Burden
By you
By provider
Operational Workload
10 hours / week
2 hours / week

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