The Fundamentals of Cyber Hygiene

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It's time to take cyber-hygiene seriously.

The corporate attack surface is only getting bigger, while many organizations struggle to keep up with basic cyber hygiene. Without the operational excellence to continuously minimize exposure, companies are leaning too heavily on detection and response efforts in isolation with predictable results. It’s time to bring cyber hygiene to front end of the endpoint security stack, and stop treating it as an operational catch up game. It’s simply too important not to.

  • It's time

    For a modern, maintenance free architecture.

  • It's time

    To automate cyber hygiene fundamentals.

  • It's time

    For your remote endpoints to always be in reach.

  • It's time

    To stop punishing end-users with update storms.

2 to 3x
less effort
Automox less effort

Without Automox, I estimate we'd spend 2x or 3x more if we had to rely on patch management alternatives.

- Corey Dolan, IT Technician

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Automox lower cost of ownership
  • It's time

    To have an extensible platform.

    Automox Worklets™ empower security and IT ops to create, automate and enforce any custom task that they can imagine. Based on PowerShell and Bash scripting, Worklets are reusable tasks that can be applied across Windows, Linux, and macOS devices irrespective of location or domain membership.

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  • It's time

    To be part of a community.

    Automox Alive is where experts converge. There’s no better resource for knowledge exchange than trusted peers facing similar challenges as you. Automox Alive is a vibrant community where power users come together to share worklets they’ve created, insights on best practices and ask for input on usecases. It’s a place where the power of crowdsourcing meets an extensible platform to deliver exceptional outcomes.

reduce your exposure attack by
100% of cybersecurity attacks exploit known vulnerabilities

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