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Download the 2020 Cyber Hygiene Report - based on surveys from 560 IT operations and security professionals across 15 industries - to discover the latest real-world trends, best practices, and recommendations about effective cyber hygiene.

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Cyber Hygiene Report

Key Endpoint Security Insights

4 in 5 enterprises report experiencing a data breach in the past two years

4 out 5 enterprises
missing patches

Missing patches and configurations are center of data breaches.

Missing OS patches cited as #1 technical attack surface exposure to cause a data breach.


Enterprises are not patching fast enough, especially when it comes to zero-days.

59 percent agree that their processes and tools do not enable them to respond quickly enough to cyber threats.


The modern workforce presents a cyber hygiene dilemma.

Enterprises cite basic issues like the ability to see and patch remotely located and mobile devices as key inhibitors to effective cyber hygiene.


Higher levels of automation are associated with better cyber hygiene.

Organizations with fully automated endpoint patching and hardening are outperforming others in speed and frequency of hardening.

What is Cyber Hygiene?

According to the Center for Internet Security (CIS), cyber hygiene is a set of baseline practices to proactively protect organizations from cyber threats.

The CIS provides a list of basic cybersecurity best practices for reducing the attack surface of enterprises and protecting information assets. The first six controls focus on eliminating vulnerabilities on endpoints (mobile devices, laptops, servers, and workstations), especially through automated patching and the detection and remediation of misconfigurations.

Adoption of the first six controls has proven to deliver a highly effective and efficient level of defense against the majority of real-world attacks and provide the foundation for dealing with more advanced attacks. Effective cyber hygiene helps IT organizations address three major objectives:

Reducing risk - knowing what you need to protect allows faster, more effective response to patching and hardening endpoints before adversaries can exploit known vulnerabilities.

Lowering cost - greater efficiencies in patching and hardening endpoints means less time investigating alerts, freeing IT operations and SecOps personnel to invest more time handling other critical operations and security work.

Accelerating business innovation - faster, more reliable processes for patching and hardening, and extending those processes to new technology areas, enables organizations to scale their businesses rather than stagnate in legacy architectures.

Advantages of a Cyber Hygiene Platform

Cyber hygiene platforms are designed to systematize and automate many of the tasks that go into patching and hardening endpoints. That includes automating and managing processes that:

  • Provide visibility into all the endpoints in the enterprise and maintaining a complete inventory of the software on them
  • Identify missing patches for operating systems and both approved and unapproved application software
  • Identify misconfigurations and compliance issues
  • Deploy and install software on endpoints
  • Run scripts to fix configuration issues
  • Ensure reliable patching and hardening of systems used by remote users and global workforces
  • Provide reporting and documentation showing that patching and hardening activities are being carried out in compliance with regulations and corporate policies

The best cyber hygiene platforms extend these processes not only across data centers and corporate offices, but also to remote locations and cloud platforms. They handle applications deployed in containers and virtual environments across multiple operating systems.

Ultimately, these capabilities can enable IT organizations to succeed in reducing risk, lowering cost, and accelerating business innovation.

Why is Automox better?

Simple, agile way to patch all your corporate endpoints

Our cloud-native cyber hygiene platform allows you to better manage and secure all your endpoints, including remote or roaming devices. No VPN required.

Automox patches automatically every time a device connects to the Internet. You can remediate patch vulnerabilities, deploy required software, and fix misconfigured systems without the need for multiple tools.

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Patch faster, more frequently with automated cyber hygiene

Automation is vital to hardening your endpoints faster than adversaries can exploit vulnerabilities. Only Automox lets you automate any task that can be scripted on any endpoint, regardless of location or domain.

With Automox Worklets™, you can automate and enforce any scriptable action on endpoints, from software deployment to enforcing local configuration policies.

Reduce complexity by eliminating on-premises patch servers

The majority of today’s cyber hygiene solutions require on-premises hardware for each location, which demands constant versioning maintenance as vendors release new features and bug fixes.

As a completely cloud-native endpoint hardening platform, Automox does not require any on-premises hardware, so you can focus more time and energy on doing what matters for the business.

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Automox ranked the best cloud-native, cross-platform solution for patch management and IT operations.

According to the Winter 2020 G2 Patch Management Report, real customers ranked Automox as the highest rated cloud-native solution vs. other leading solutions. And more.

Leader Spring 2022

Automox continues to be one of the industry's leading solutions, according to first-party data from real customer reviews.

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Highest User Adoption

Getting started with Automox is quick, easy, and painless - regardless of OS, location, or third-party applications.

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Customers rate Automox as the easiest IT operations solution on the market today.

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