OS and Third-Party Patching

Our cloud-native solution reduces 80% of your organization’s attack surface by ensuring your operating systems and third-party software are continuously patched and kept up-to-date.

OS Patching

Operating System (OS) Patching is an important part of keeping your client, server, and virtual infrastructure safe from malicious actors that exploit vulnerabilities left open when operating systems are not kept up-to-date. Automating OS patching through Automox can close down vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, dramatically reducing corporate risk.

Automate OS Patching Across Windows, Mac, and Linux From the Cloud

Automox works across Windows, Mac and Linux operating system versions, providing you with full patching and configuration control for clients, servers, virtual machines, containers, and cloud instances. No servers, configurations, or networking to manage.

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Software Deployment and Enforcement

Eliminate disruptions with end-user notifications that easily keep users informed and accountable on upcoming patches. Flexible controls allow you to set custom messages and choose when, and for how long, end-users can defer patching to meet their schedule and minimize interruptions to productivity.

Policy Enforcement and Compliance

Patch all, include/exclude, or set up advanced rules for what OS and software is patched. Use severity to only patch critical updates or limit cosmetic updates. Manual approval workflows also allow you to select exactly which software you patch, avoiding downtime and failures.

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Ready to get started?

See the vulnerability status of your infrastructure and start patching systems and software in minutes.

Third-Party Patching

For IT Admins, third-party software updates across Windows, Mac, and Linux systems pose a complex and growing risk. Most IT Admins have no way to quickly know which software titles on which systems are out of date and vulnerable to exploits, and have no tools to effectively solve for this threat. Automox enables customization and automation of third-party updates and eliminates this threat vector. Click here for a complete list of third-party applications that Automox supports for patching.

Asset and Inventory Management

Get full control and visibility into all assets in your environment with critical information on each. See pending patches across all software and approve, reject or dive deeper into the details of each patch. Create and filter policies by severity classifications or by name to customize the scope of patches.

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Patch Any Third-Party Software, Regardless of Location

Automatically patch third-party software from Automox’s growing software catalogue or use custom scripts for even more control over software patching and configuration.

Growing Library of Common Third-Party Titles

Automox natively supports a growing number of third-party software titles, including Adobe products, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Automox third-party apps
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We can now automatically patch any device on any operating system, from any location.

Corey Dolan
IT Technician, Tekside.iO

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