Automating IT & SecOps Team Workflows

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See the Impact and Latest Automation Trends

Automation means more can be done to scale, with less – and in less time. With a newly unstable workforce and burnout more prevalent than ever, highly-effective decisions must be made instantly. So, how can you spin the automation wheel to benefit your team?

Mike Rothman, General Manager of Techstrong, drives this discussion. Along with a panel of field experts, he provides the insights you need to improve communication and automate workflows for your IT and SecOps teams. And don’t forget to check out the sessions after the panel discussion to hear how to uplevel your automation.

Breaking Barriers and Reducing Risk with Automation

Hear IT & security speakers discuss how to break through blockers and reduce risk as you increase your automation tools. Whether it's how to get buy-in from leadership, facing economic setbacks, or educating non-technical members, Colby Hall and Randall Pipkin have advice to help you leverage automation tools.

Low-Code/No-Code Automation -- Fantasy or Reality?

Do low-code/no-code options impact teams to be more self-sufficient and productive? Or do they disrupt workflow? Storyblok’s Facundo Guiliani and Cathleen Ballar dive into the benefits, and complexities, automation may cause for any team.

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