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Vulnerability management: All you need to know

Why think about reducing risk when you can eliminate it? That’s modern vulnerability management. No more surprises, stress, or blind spots. Just an automated solution to find and fix vulnerabilities immediately.


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How to choose the best vulnerability management software

What is vulnerability management?

Vulnerability management typically refers to the process of identifying, evaluating, treating, and reporting on security vulnerabilities across an IT infrastructure. Modern vulnerability management also includes automated vulnerability remediation, enabling end-to-end “find and fix” solutions that dramatically reduce attack surfaces.

Rapid remediation of known vulnerabilities is critical to eliminating the risk of cyberattack. Critical vulnerabilities can be exploited in days. Organizations must act fast with automated remediation to ensure every endpoint will stay protected automatically.

What’s the difference in different approaches to vulnerability management?

Figuring out exactly what a vulnerability management tool actually delivers can be a challenge. Most claim to mitigate risk, but that usually means they just alert you about what to fix.

Fully integrated, end-to-end discovery and remediation is the key to modern vulnerability management. This approach delivers a coordinated response where IT and security teams can quickly identify and remediate vulnerabilities using automated patching and configuration.

Questions to ask as you evaluate vulnerability management solutions

1. Integrating EDR/XDR and remediation is critical for staying ahead of attackers. How does the solution enable automated, end-to-end discovery and remediation of critical vulnerabilities?

2. Today, endpoints are everywhere. Is the solution capable of managing vulnerabilities anywhere, any time with a cloud-native platform?

3. ITOps and SecOps are often distinct. Can the integrated solution unify the teams with a common approach to eliminating known risks automatically?

4. Legacy tools are slow, siloed, and clunky. Does the solution automate the configuration, patching, and compliance of your Windows, macOS, and Linux systems with one cloud-native platform.

The best vulnerability management software and what to look for.

Your peers have spoken, and they’ve identified the essential factors to consider when choosing the best IT operations solution to integrate into leading EDR/XDR platforms for end-to-end vulnerability discovery and remediation.

  • Ease of use and ease of deployment

  • Speed of solution and speed of setup

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

See why your peers count on Automox to fix vulnerabilities fast and secure every endpoint automatically.

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