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Configuration management: All you need to know

The instant your IT systems are properly configured, everything starts changing. Optimizing your configuration management to maintain a desired, consistent state requires an automated solution to manage and monitor all configuration data.


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How to choose the best configuration management software

What is configuration management?

Configuration management is the process for maintaining proper settings on computer systems, servers, and software to achieve a desired, consistent state. The process begins by defining the ideal configuration state and then managing endpoints, software, and multi-cloud workloads to maintain that state.

Proper configuration management ensures consistent settings throughout the life of an endpoint.

Why is automated configuration management important?

Misconfigured systems are a leading cause of security incidents, from unpatched endpoints to insecure root-level permissions. Yet, in large infrastructures, it’s not feasible to manually identify misconfigured systems, determine remediation actions, prioritize next steps, and verify success.

Automating configuration management with IT operations software ensures stable systems and frees IT operators from manual tasks – or provisioning scripting – to reduce costs, complexities, and errors.

Questions to ask as you evaluate configuration management solutions

1. Unifying your people and process is the key to accelerating business results. Can the IT operations tool align everyone to make the most of automation?

2. Today, endpoints are everywhere. Is the solution capable of managing configurations anywhere, any time with a cloud-native platform?

3. Automation tools often require expensive professional services. Can you get up and running with the IT operations tool in 15 minutes, or will it take months?

4. End-users don’t need unnecessary interruptions. Will the IT operations tool interfere with user productivity to maintain configurations?

The best configuration management software and what to look for.

Your peers have spoken, and they’ve identified the essential factors to consider when choosing the best IT operations solution for managing endpoints.

  • Ease of use and ease of deployment

  • Speed of solution and speed of setup

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

See why your peers count on Automox to ensure every endpoint is always configured, and always secure.

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