Saje Network Systems

Simplifying patching and helping clients fix vulnerabilities fast with Automox

Saje Network Systems offers more than 25 years of expertise in network security and network infrastructure. As systems and software consultancy, Saje aims to support daily IT operations so that their clients have more time to focus on their core missions.


As the intermediary between software vendors and clients, Saje Network Systems manages the relationships on both sides. The easier the relationship with a vendor, the more time and energy Saje can dedicate to strengthening their client relationships – and growing their business.

Saje’s success often depends on vendors whose actions are beyond their control, so Saje’s CEO, Jodi Gawf, gravitates towards software partners that make her life easier and keep her clients satisfied.

Before finding Automox, Saje struggled with other vendors due to:

  • Fractured communication and delayed responses. Sometimes the smallest tasks, like asking vendors a quick question or for a quote, would take a week or longer to get an answer.

  • Clunky, disorganized deployment processes. Deployment processes can be a huge roadblock if vendors don’t make it easy and straightforward for new clients.

  • Lack of vendor availability during onboarding. One of the biggest frustrations Saje was facing was slow support for onboarding new software.

"Automox is a great door-opening product…from a drumming-up-business standpoint, it’s one of the better experiences I’ve had."

// Zach King, Business Development Manager, Saje


Saje’s primary objective is to make sure their clients don’t get hacked. Secondary to that mission is making sure Saje maintains lasting, operationally-efficient relationships with its clients. By partnering with Automox, Saje has consistently met both goals.

  • Unmatched Protection

    Saje only feels good about their clients being totally secure if they can fix vulnerabilities fast by patching everything in an automated way.

  • Business Expansion

    With Automox, Jodi quickly expanded her business. She knew there was a “special sauce” when two of her major clients bought Automox right away when they heard of the product’s offering. It’s now Saje’s go-to patching solution because there’s no question a new client will like it.

  • Fast Deployment

    The deployment process means a lot to resellers like Saje, and Automox has a well-structured and organized process. It’s proven so easy that one of Saje’s clients said it was one of the easiest things they’ve deployed, ever. Jodi said, “I was so impressed. The client didn’t need an [additional onboarding] meeting. It spoke well of Automox’s ease of use benefit. Six months later, the client renewed Automox for another three years.”

  • Effortless Partnership

    Beyond security and efficacy, Saje gauges partnership value by measuring how easy it is to work together. Unlike with some vendors, whenever they need anything from Automox – a quote, a question answered, a demo, they get it fast.


Above all else, Saje is committed to giving its customers amazing solutions that scale with their business. So, for Saje, Automox fulfilling its promise to slash cost and complexity and offer strong vendor support checks all the boxes.

"Honestly, my biggest metric is whether or not clients are calling me to complain. With Automox, the answer is always no; the clients just don’t grumble."

// Jodi Gawf, CEO, Saje

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