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You are likely trying to solve these challenges

The Problem

The Automox Solution

Using on-prem tools to manage on- and off-site teams is difficult and costs 32% more in total cost of ownership over cloud-based solutions.

One cross-platform console

Easily scale, cuts costs, and simplify your patch environment with one cross-platform console. Patch and configure Windows, macOS, or Linux endpoints —whether they’re on-prem, in the cloud, or on the move.

VPNs are clunky, expensive, and can’t scale. And getting your remote workers to connect to one is tricky, to say the least.

Manage from the cloud

Say goodbye to costly infrastructure and VPN hassles. Enforce your patch management from the cloud using our lightweight agent (<10MB) so users don’t feel the impact of endpoint hardening.

Manually managing your OS and 3rd party apps across various tools is complex, inefficient, and keeps your team on-call 24/7.

Patch endpoints automatically

Ensure your endpoints are always properly configured and patch compliant with preset and custom policies. Keep every endpoint patched and up to date automatically.

Most organizations can take over 100 days to deploy patches, leaving the door open for active exploitation. 81% of companies have experienced a breach in the last 2 years*.

Deploy patches within hours, not days

Keep you and your customers safe by remediating critical vulnerabilities within 72 hours, and zero-day vulnerabilities within 24 hours.

*2020 Cyber Hygiene Report: What You Need to Know Now.

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