Looking for a WSUS alternative?

Using WSUS to manage your patching is a good start. A cloud-native, cross-OS solution is better. Automox is best.

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Some of the reasons customers are enhancing or replacing WSUS with Automox.

Whether you’re looking for tools to extend your WSUS patching, or wanting to evolve past WSUS entirely, be sure to choose the solution that checks all the boxes.

Cloud-native consoleX
Cross-platform support for the latest Windows, macOS and LinuxX
Multi-location support across geosX
Infrastructure-free architectureX
Reliable reportingX
Remote workforce support without VPNX
Third-party patches for Java, Adobe, and Chrome, and more.X
Granular, cloud-based controlX

It’s clear why Automox is better.

Want to feel confident that your reports are accurate?

With one glance at your Automox console, you can be certain your endpoints are up-to-date and your inventories are accurate. You can’t say the same about your WSUS reporting, which is notorious for showing results that a manual scan will contradict.

Wondering if it’s possible for a single solution to patch 3rd party applications, too?

Vulnerabilities also exist in non-Microsoft products. Yet WSUS does not provide simple, straightforward options for updating anything but Windows software. Automox does, providing out-of-the-box support for 3rd party applications. Now, you can feel secure in your other business-critical products like Java, Adobe, Chrome, and more.

Looking for a simple, agile way to patch over the Internet?

Today, more workers operate from remote locations than ever. WSUS can only ensure all those remote endpoints get patched when they connect to the corporate network via VPN.

Automox, on the other hand, patches automatically every time a device is connected to the Internet.

Automox ranked the best cloud-native, cross-platform solution for patch management.

According to the Winter 2020 G2 Patch Management Report, real customers ranked Automox as the highest rated cloud-native solution vs. other leading solutions. And more.

High Performer Winter 2020
High PerformerCustomers get up and running with Automox faster than any other tool.
Fast Implementation Winter 2020
Fastest ImplementationAutomox wins in ease of setup, implementation time, user adoption, and more.
Easiest to do Business with Winter 2020
Easiest To Do Business WithCustomers rank Automox as the easiest partner to work with.

You’re in good company

“We needed a solution that was cloud-based, served our multi-OS environment, and gave us the right mix of automation and control needed to configure/customize a variety of end users. Automox just worked."

Jonathan Sibray, Senior IT Director at University of Colorado Law School

You’re in good company

“I can hands-down recommend Automox for anyone working with modern development today."

Chris Borte, Director of IT and DevOps at InsideTrack

You’re in good company

“We needed a simple, single point of management which Automox nailed. The time savings has been massive."

Jared Haggerty, CEO of Databerry

You’re in good company

“We can now automatically patch any device on any operating system, from any location."

Corey Dolan, IT Technician at Tekside.iO
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