5 Trends To Keep in Mind for 2020 Cybersecurity Budgets.

Over the next year, 83% of enterprise workloads will live in the cloud. Is your 2020 IT budget ready to take advantage of this shift while also advancing your security posture?

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As 2020 approaches, budgets are being finalized and strategic plans for the new FY 2020 are being set. Be sure to consider these five trends to invest in areas that will maximize your ROI both now and into the future.

1- Continue to invest in remediating known vulnerabilities
According to Gartner 99% of vulnerabilities that will be exploited in 2020 will be ones that security and IT professionals have known about for at least one year. Be sure your 2020 cybersecurity budget includes funding for fixing the vulnerabilities you know already exist.

2- Evaluate tools that allow you to act faster than adversaries
Once a new critical vulnerability is announced, it takes attackers just 7 days or less to weaponize it. Your 2020 Cyber Security budget should include spending for new tools that allow you to remediate vulnerabilities within no longer than 72 hours.

3- Increase your investment in orchestration
Address the cybersecurity skill gap with tools that automate your endpoint hardening and streamline your strategy for hardening your endpoints.

4- Synergy is key
Invest in vendors that play well together, this has proven to drastically improve your security posture quickly. Choosing vendors who already demonstrate strong partnerships with industry leaders can lead to streamlined workflows, greatly reducing time harden, detect, and respond.

5- Continue to capitalize on the economics of cloud computing
2020 is the year of completing your cloud migration. Beyond the TCO advantages of using SaaS tools in the cloud vs. maintaining on-premises platforms, moving to the cloud now gives you momentum for more cutting-edge technologies like 5G, automation, machine learning, AI, autonomous devices, and more.

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