CrowdStrike and Automox: The New Standard in Cloud-Native Endpoint Security

Crowdstrike’s cloud-native endpoint protection platform changed the game in stopping breaches. Now, Automox is helping avert attacks altogether. Together, Automox and CrowdStrike are the modern answer for securing your endpoints.

Automox and CrowdStrike

Better Together: Automox and CrowdStrike Falcon

Endpoint security today is a race of you vs. them. Only Automox and CrowdStrike give you the tools to win. Using Automox’s cloud-native endpoint hardening solution, you can remediate vulnerabilities within 72 hours – 30X faster than industry norms. And should an incursion occur, CrowdStrike delivers a platform for rapidly detecting, identifying, and eradicating incursions before they become breaches.

Automox and CrowdStrike better together

See for yourself how Automox lets you proactively mitigate vulnerabilities and reduce alert fatigue.

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How Automox strengthens your cyber defense.

cloud-based patch management

Improve efficiencies with cloud-native patch management

As a cloud-native patch management solution, Automox naturally complements CrowdStrike’s cloud-native endpoint security solution. Our patch management platform requires no infrastructure to buy or maintain, and no software to manage. From “click, set, forget” automation to complete scheduling and workflow, Automox results in incredible time savings, greater corporate efficiencies, and improved productivity.

Reduce alert fatigue with automated patching policies

Automated policies and groups enable you to harden your endpoints faster than adversaries can exploit vulnerabilities. You can patch, configure, track inventory and report the vulnerability status of all your corporate devices from a single interface, regardless of location or domain.

automated patching policies
Automox Worklets

Coordinate incident response with Automox Worklets™

Automox Worklets™ can assist in coordinated response actions for incidents discovered in CrowdStrike Falcon. You can automate and enforce any scriptable action on endpoints regardless of location or domain, from software deployment to enforcing local configuration policies on an endpoint.

Automox ranked the best cloud-native, cross-platform solution for patch management.

According to the Winter 2020 G2 Patch Management Report, real customers ranked Automox as the highest rated cloud-native solution vs. other leading solutions. And more.

High Performer Winter 2020
High PerformerCustomers get up and running with Automox faster than any other tool.
Fast Implementation Winter 2020
Fastest ImplementationAutomox wins in ease of setup, implementation time, user adoption, and more.
Easiest to do Business with Winter 2020
Easiest To Do Business WithCustomers rank Automox as the easiest partner to work with.

You’re in good company

“We needed a solution that was cloud-based, served our multi-OS environment, and gave us the right mix of automation and control needed to configure/customize a variety of end users. Automox just worked."

Jonathan Sibray, Senior IT Director at University of Colorado Law School

You’re in good company

“I can hands-down recommend Automox for anyone working with modern development today."

Chris Borte, Director of IT and DevOps at InsideTrack

You’re in good company

“We needed a simple, single point of management which Automox nailed. The time savings has been massive."

Jared Haggerty, CEO of Databerry

You’re in good company

“We can now automatically patch any device on any operating system, from any location."

Corey Dolan, IT Technician at Tekside.iO
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