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Get unmatched speed and flexibility for your modern workforce - at any time, anywhere, and at scale. Advance to the IT operations cloud with Automox.

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Easier. Faster. Smarter.

Automate and scale your endpoint management with Automox's cloud-native IT operations platform. Any endpoint or workload, whether it's on-prem, in the cloud, or on the move.


Global connectivity + no VPN dependency


Zero infrastructure + powerful automation


Automatic reboot deferrals + endless customization


Two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption + more

The Game-Changer for the Modern Enterprise

Windows, macOS, Linux, and third-party apps - Automate them all with a radically efficient platform designed for distributed enterprise IT environments.

Flexible Device Targeting

Apply filters and conditions based on hostname, IP, OS, organizational unit (OU), or custom tags for hyper-precise targeting across your endpoints.

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Vulnerability Sync

Upload, prioritize, and rapidly remediate cyber vulnerabilities identified by third-party vulnerability detection software, harnessing the combined power of your security stack from within the Automox console.

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Quickly integrate with Crowdstrike, Freshworks, Splunk, and ServiceNow, or save time when extending Automox into other solutions with our software development kit (SDK) and robust Developer Portal.

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Global Zone Management

Match permissions to your organization's management hierarchy to give both top- and mid-level managers a simple and effective way to control access.

Available in October!

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Automox is a breath of fresh air in the endpoint management space. It provides users a modern web interface and simple OS-agnostic deployment methods.

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