Automox & SentinelOne Patch Tuesday: April 2019 - Webinar Recap

This webinar recording is for Windows administrators who want to learn more about the latest Microsoft Patch Tuesday security patches and learn tips for automatically protecting your infrastructure from those vulnerabilities with Automox and SentinelOne. April's Patch Tuesday release includes over 70 different vulnerabilities, with 15 of these vulnerabilities deemed critical. 

By watching this demo, you will gain insight around:

  • An overview of April’s Patch Tuesday release
  • A review of vulnerabilities deemed critical
  • A summary of vulnerabilities publicly disclosed or exploited
  • A live demo of how SentinelOne and Automox help you to enforce proper cyber hygiene by automating the process of patching OS and 3rd Party software vulnerabilities

About Automox

Automox is a cloud-based patch management and endpoint protection platform that provides the foundation for a strong security framework by automating the fundamentals of security hygiene to reduce a company’s attack surface by over 80 percent. A powerful set of user-defined controls enables IT managers to filter and report on the vulnerability status of their infrastructure and intuitively manage cross-platform OS patching, third party patching, software deployment, and configuration management.  

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